Learning About Locksmith Tools and Services

Lock And Roll: 5 Reasons Why You Need Good Locks And Latches On Your Guitar Case

Some people think it's silly to have lock on a guitar or other musical instrument case. "What's the point?" they ask. "A determined musical instrument thief will just take the guitar and the case." There are 5 reasons to make certain you always lock your instrument case and keep the locks and latches working as they should: 1. Sticky fingers Some people can't resist a closed guitar case. Some of those people can actually play, and they know how to handle an instrument. Read More 

5 Tips For Hiring A Locksmith

At some point, an emergency may arise that will require you to utilize the services of a locksmith. In order for you to be sure that you are able to use services safely, you want to be sure that you hire a locksmith you can trust. Here are five important tips to consider for hiring a locksmith: Avoid Locksmiths Who Will Drill Your Lock Out: When you hire a locksmith who suggests that they will need to drill your lock out should be avoided. Read More 

Three Technologies To Upgrade Security At Your Commercial Facility

Security at your commercial facility is important for many reasons. It not only ensures the continued profitability of your company, but it also keeps your employees and customers safe.  New product offerings and advancements in technology are making more and more commercial facility security features accessible to small business owners. If you're looking to take advantage, consider the following three security technologies: Biometric Access Control With biometric access control, you can ensure that intruders are kept out of your facility. Read More 

Retrieving Keys from a Locked Vehicle

If you are parked in a store parking lot and after you did your shopping you realize that your keys are locked inside your vehicle, you will need to do some quick thinking to get yourself inside your vehicle so you can get home. Here are a few tips you can try to get inside your vehicle so you can be on your way. Assess the Situation Before you start trying to break into your vehicle, take a look at your surroundings to make sure you feel comfortable out in the open where other people are watching your actions. Read More 

3 Ways To Keep Your Locksmith Services Affordable

Losing your home or car keys can be a disaster, especially if you have a busy day or don't have a spare key handy. Rather than panic or wait last minute to find a locksmith service, you may want to take time in advance to prepare for a potential event where you might need a professional locksmith service. Rushing to find a locksmith can end up costing you top dollar for your services, which is why it is important to take the time and find a locksmith that can save you time and money. Read More 

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Learning About Locksmith Tools and Services

Hi, my name is Yonni Pluthers. Several months after my daughter was born, the fire alarm in our new apartment started going off. Since it was a building alarm, we all had to immediately evacuate and wait for the fire department to clear the structure. I rushed out of the apartment with my daughter in my arms and closed the door behind me. Unfortunately, the knob lock was activated and I did not have my keys. Upon returning to my home, I found my door firmly locked. I called a locksmith and waited for her outside. I watched in awe as she wriggled the lock open using an incredible set of tools. From that point on, I developed an interest in locksmith services. I would like to share the tools and techniques used by locksmiths to open doors. I will also talk about locksmith services for vehicles on this site.