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Three Technologies To Upgrade Security At Your Commercial Facility

Security at your commercial facility is important for many reasons. It not only ensures the continued profitability of your company, but it also keeps your employees and customers safe. 

New product offerings and advancements in technology are making more and more commercial facility security features accessible to small business owners. If you're looking to take advantage, consider the following three security technologies:

Biometric Access Control

With biometric access control, you can ensure that intruders are kept out of your facility. Biometric access control allows authorized personnel to enter by recognizing a personal feature like a fingerprint, hand geometry, or eye iris.

A biometric access control device can not only be designed to limit entrance into a facility. It can also be designed to prevent intruders from accessing a company's computer network or sensitive data. 

Biometric access control devices can make your commercial facility impenetrable to intruders, and these devices are becoming less expensive and more widely available with each passing year. 

Video Analytics

Perhaps you already have a surveillance camera at your commercial facility. Yet perhaps this isn't enough to provide you with the peace of mind you seek regarding company security.

You can take your surveillance efforts up a notch with video analytics software. A video analytics program is capable of analyzing video feeds from surveillance cameras and looking out for anything that's amiss. This software works by using image processing algorithms to track anomalies in surveillance camera feeds. 

Video analytic software can detect a wide variety of events that could indicate security breaches. These events include vehicles in restricted areas, unattended objects, penetration of facilities at irregular hours, and unauthorized removal of company equipment or merchandise. 

Electronic Vehicle Barriers

Theft is more likely at a commercial facility if outside vehicles have easy access to that facility. Vehicles offer burglars a quick escape route in addition to providing ample storage space for stolen items. 

Installing a vehicle barrier at your commercial facility can prevent unauthorized vehicles from coming close to your facility's points of entry. Vehicle barriers can make it easier to track comings and goings at your facility, thereby increasing accountability among employees and vendors. 

Vehicle barriers are not only helpful as a security feature. They can also improve logistics at your facility and make it easier to keep track of inventory and equipment orders. Another advantage of vehicle barriers is that they slow vehicles down around your facility, reducing the risk of accidents and protecting pedestrians. Contact a locksmith like one from Suburban Lock for more information on updates in security.

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