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Lock And Roll: 5 Reasons Why You Need Good Locks And Latches On Your Guitar Case

Some people think it's silly to have lock on a guitar or other musical instrument case. "What's the point?" they ask. "A determined musical instrument thief will just take the guitar and the case." There are 5 reasons to make certain you always lock your instrument case and keep the locks and latches working as they should:

1. Sticky fingers

Some people can't resist a closed guitar case. Some of those people can actually play, and they know how to handle an instrument. Some of those people are small children with sticky hands and a lack of knowledge about the value of fine musical instruments. By locking your case when you're at crowded gatherings, family events, and schools, you'll save your guitar from a whole lot of manhandling.

2. Transporting tumbles

Locks and latches on guitar cases were never designed to be strong anti-theft devices. But they do serve as protective measures against instrument damage. When the lock is secure, so is the guitar should the latches fail to hold.

Since the weight of a guitar can easily force the latches open, to avoid having your guitar fall out of the case onto a damaging surface, keep the thin cover of the case against your leg. This way, you can press against the guitar with your thigh and keep it from falling out.

On most cases, this will mean carrying the guitar on your left side with the body to the rear, but you can always carry the body forward to use your right hand. Better still, make sure the case is locked.

3. Protecting the extras

You may have your guitar with you on stage, so it's no big deal to leave the case unlocked. But most musicians store all sorts of personal items in the accessory compartments of their instrument cases. Extra strings, picks, microphones, tuning devices, and money are left vulnerable if you don't lock up your case while you're on stage.

4. Helping deter and locate thieves.

Some thieves give you a false sense of security by leaving your case behind and scurrying off with your guitar before you notice. Locking the guitar case ruins this racket.

Some thieves will just ditch the case if they have to mangle it, so no lock will help you there. Really dumb thieves will try to pawn a locked case that's obviously been tampered with, which may alert authorities to the theft. That's a good reason to have a really secure locking mechanism on the case.

5. Gig embarrassment

If you can't get your case open to play a show, and you have to call a locksmith to get your favorite axe out without wrecking your custom case, it's going to suck. That's enough motivation to keep your locks and latches tight and functioning properly.

But call the locksmith anyway. They'll put sturdy new locks on your cases, tighten up your latches, and help you devise clever ways to keep thieves from running off with your guitar. You might not want to install a pepper spray dispenser, but a motion sensing alarm that buzzes your phone when your guitar case is moved is a good possibility.

Your locksmith service will know the best solutions for your musical equipment security needs. Click for more info about your various locking choices.

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