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How To Know It's Time To Change Your Locks

When you have a home you want to keep it as safe and secure as possible. This means that there will come a time when you need to change locks.

It can be an expensive move depending on what type of locks you want to switch to. If you are on the fence about changing your locks, here are some clues that it's time.

Someone Moved

If you rented your house to a tenant or if you had a roommate that you were sharing your home with and they moved out, this is a good time to change the locks. 

You should always make sure that they return their keys as well as any spares they may have, you never know whether someone has made duplicates. Whether you parted on good terms with this person or not, for security reasons you should change all the locks to the main entrance of the home.

You Got a New House

Getting the keys to a new home is a big moment. However, even though you have gotten the keys to the home it does not mean that you should be complacent.

There is no guarantee that the previous owner of the home did not make duplicate keys. Replacing all the locks to the main entrances of the home is a critical step that you must take for your security.

This will give you peace of mind as you will know that no one will be capable of entering your premises while you are there or when you are not there.

Following a Break In

If you have experienced any type of burglary on your property, it's time to change your locks. This is especially important if the thieves entered by manipulating the current locks that you have. 

It means that the locks are not secure and you need to replace them. Consider replacing these locks with smart locks that you can control using an app on your phone. You may also want to consider installing a lock that requires a security code.

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys for any period, you should consider replacing your locks instead of simply using the spare keys instead. You never know who may have found your keys. It may be someone you know who has ill intent. Replacing your locks is the only way for you to make sure you are secure.

There are several reasons why you would want to replace the locks on your home. If anything that has been discussed applies to you, do not hesitate to contact a locksmith. For more information, contact a locksmith near you.

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