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4 Ways A Commercial Locksmith Can Fix A Jammed Commercial Door Lock

You probably saw signs that your door lock was damaged, but you were probably too busy to address the problem immediately. So, one evening after a hectic day at work, you put your key in the lock only to discover that it won't turn. Your worst nightmare finally dawns on you, and now you have to find a solution. Before inserting foreign materials or using a hammer or other tools to break or try to repair the lock, you might want to consider the benefits of working with a commercial locksmith. The following are ways a commercial locksmith can help you fix a lock that won't open.

1. Cleaning and Lubricating the Locks

Sometimes the door lock won't open due to simple reasons such as dirt and rust accumulation. Your locksmith will inspect the lock and determine whether it is jammed due to dirt build-up. Their skills and experience will come in handy. The best long-term solution to the problem is to remove the lock and gently clean all its components. The locksmith will then lubricate the key passage and cylinder to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.

2. Open Frozen Locks

If winter caught you unaware, you could come home to a frozen lock that won't turn. The lock isn't necessarily faulty; it is typically stuck due to the contraction of its moving parts. Before pouring boiling water into the key to thaw the ice and restore the lock, consider calling a commercial locksmith.

The experts will find a suitable solution to unlock your frozen locks. They might use portable dryers to warm the frozen components. Certain de-icing agents that won't corrode the locks may also come in handy. Besides unlocking the door, your commercial locksmith will recommend oiling the locks to prevent the problem during the cold season.

3. Replacing Keys

If you have a new key that doesn't work, the key was probably not cut right or sustained damage that altered its lining. The same problem could arise with the rest of the spare keys if the entire set is faulty. You'll need a commercial locksmith to cut new keys with precise linings or replace the commercial door locks.

4. Fixing a Stuck Deadbolt

Deadbolts in old, worn-out locks often get stuck. The key won't turn at all, whether the door is locked or open. Your commercial locksmith will disassemble the lock to inspect the extent of the damage. The expert will attempt to realign the components and see if this solves the problem. You might need to replace the entire lock if the deadbolt is rusty or worn out.

Most of these issues are too complicated for the average business owner to resolve. DIY attempts may lead to further damage or injuries. Therefore, consider calling a commercial locksmith to repair jammed commercial door locks.

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