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3 Things to Consider When Buying Smart Door Locks for Loved Ones With Disabilities

For the average person, operating a regular keyed lock requires little to no physical effort. However, for people with disabilities, the mere act of opening a conventional door lock can be challenging or impossible. If you have loved ones with physical or mental disabilities, you can ease this task by replacing regular locks with smart locks. However, these locks come with varying features for different needs. Thus, before buying smart locks, consider these crucial factors.

User's Physical and Mental Limitations 

Before investing in automated locks, you should assess the user's capabilities and limitations. This will help you determine the best technology to choose for the locks. Smart locks are keyless locks that can be operated using the following methods:

  • Voice commands
  • Fingerprint access
  • Remote access using a smartphone
  • Access codes

If the user has physical disabilities that limit mobility, they may be unable to access the keypad and punch in the access code. In this case, a voice-controlled smart lock would be the best option. Similarly, if the user has memory challenges, a door that allows fingerprint access, voice commands, or remote access would be an ideal choice. Choose the best smart lock technology that caters to your loved one's needs.

User's Tech Capabilities

Some automatic lock technologies are easy to use, while others require the user to be tech-savvy. For example, voice-controlled smart locks are easy to operate because the user only needs to instruct the door to open and close. All you need to do is integrate the lock into a smartphone or smart hub. Similarly, doors with fingerprint access do not require an individual to be tech-savvy. 

Doors that are operated remotely require the user to have the ability to operate a remote smart device. Some automated locks also come with complex configurations and programming modes that can challenge an average user. Keep this in mind when buying smart locks for your loved one.

Remote Access and Monitoring

Physical disabilities can make it difficult for an individual to move around in their home. Therefore, tasks such as answering the door tend to be taxing. Smart locks with remote access and monitoring features can be great for people with disabilities. When a loved one or caregiver visits, the user can open the door from the comfort of their bedroom or living room. 

Remote access and monitoring also allow you to keep an eye on your loved one's entry doors. You can also lock the doors for your loved ones when they forget to. This feature can give you great peace of mind, especially when caring for elderly loved ones.

Consider these tips when buying smart locks for loved ones with physical disabilities. Contact a company like Howlett  Lock And Door for more information.

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