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Why Commercial Property Owners Should Install Panic Bars On Their Doors

It's pretty common today for commercial doors to have panic bars on them. This component is essentially a long bar in the middle of the door that people can press to move to the other side. Installing these bars on your commercial doors is a good idea for various reasons.

More Convenient to Use

When people need to get through a commercial door during an emergency, such as a fire, there need to be easy exit controls on your commercial doors. Panic bars have this design thanks to their long and user-friendly design.

Rather than people having to turn a door handle, they can simply press on the bar and it will open the door that it's connected to. Using these panic bars during times of an emergency will be more convenient, to the point where lives could be saved. 

Extra Security

If your commercial property is in a bad area or there are just a lot of security threats around it, then you need to do everything you can to beef up the security of your commercial doors. Panic bars allow you to do just that, thanks to their unique design.

They don't have any locking hardware on the outside. That means there isn't anything for people to pick who might want to get into your commercial property to steal assets or just cause damage. The only opening mechanisms are on the inside of your commercial property, which unauthorized personnel won't have access to. 

Durable Construction

If your commercial doors are used quite frequently, then the locking hardware and opening mechanisms probably experience a lot of wear and tear. You won't have to worry about it so much with panic bars thanks to their durable construction.

Most of these bars are constructed out of metal like heavy-duty steel. Their extra-durable construction helps them last no matter how many times they're used by personnel in your commercial building.

The durable steel can even take impacts in case objects or people hit the panic bar at a fast speed. These bars will take the abuse and still continue working phenomenally. 

If you have a commercial property and want to enhance the doors, then you can have panic bars installed. They're easy to set up and once they are, your building will be better off in a lot of ways from a security and convenience standpoint. For more information about installing commercial steel door exit controls, contact a local business.

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