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4 Signs You Should Hire Security Guards For Your Retail Business

Your retail store may seem to be doing just fine without security, but whether you have everything under control or not, security officers can add a whole new dimension to your safety and loss prevention measures. Here are some top signs that you need to hire security for your retail business.

1. You've Had Some Thefts

Whether your store has experienced a major robbery or a string of shoplifting events, a security officer can help to prevent any additional losses. The presence of security personnel in the vicinity can offer a strong deterrent to many would-be criminals.

2. Vandalism Is Spiking in Your Area

Stealing your inventory isn't the only way criminals can harm your business. Your storefront itself could fall victim to graffiti or other types of vandalism. Although security cameras and lighting may help deter vandalism, security guards can be an even more effective deterrent in many cases. After all, some criminals are experts at hiding their faces from security cameras.

3. You Sell Valuable Items

If your business sells very valuable items, even one theft could cause a crippling loss. In addition, robbers who target valuable items may be desperate and present a threat of violence to bystanders. So if you sell jewelry or other valuables, you should always have security officers on the premises even if you haven't had a problem with robberies or shoplifting in the past.

Even if your shop and all your items are well-insured, the risk to your safety, your employees' safety, and your valuable inventory makes hiring security a no-brainer.

4. Your Customers Want to Feel Secure

If your customers don't feel safe while they're shopping, that could be a strong incentive to never come back. Security officers can help provide not only actual safety but also a visual reminder to your customers that you're sparing no expense to keep them safe.

Security officers in your parking lot can be important here as well. Parking lots and garages provide the setting for over a tenth of property crimes. If your business has a large parking lot or garage, especially in a busy metropolitan area, your customers may appreciate having a security officer to guard their vehicles while they shop.

If one or more of these signs sound familiar, don't ignore the writing on the wall. Instead, consider just how much value you can get from the presence of a security officer on your premises. To learn more about the types of security services available for your retail business, call your local security company today. Speak with a company like Maffey's Security Group to learn more.

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