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Tips For Maintaining Your Deadbolt Locks

The locks on your home can be among the most basic and important security features that it possesses. In particular, deadbolt locks can be a common way to supplement the protection offered by traditional locks. Unfortunately, there are many people that may fail to appreciate the fact that their deadbolt locks will require some routine care to keep them in good condition. To help you avoid making oversights when it comes to this type of maintenance, you should consider the following three deadbolt maintenance tips.

Clean The Deadbolt

Cleaning the locks may not seem like a particularly important task, but it is possible for a substantial amount of dirt and debris to gather on the interior of the locks. These substances can cause the lock to jam. You can avoid this problem by making it a point to wipe down the deadbolt every few weeks. When doing this maintenance, make sure to use a dry cloth because the moisture from a wet one can contribute to corrosion developing.

Check For Signs Of Corrosion

In addition to cleaning the deadbolt, you will also need to regularly inspect it for signs of corrosion. Corrosion can gradually start to form on the parts of this lock, and when this happens, the lock can jam, break or otherwise fail. If you are unlucky enough to notice that corrosion has formed on the deadbolt, you will want to remove it by gently rubbing it with sandpaper. After the corrosion has been removed, you should apply a sealant to the deadbolt to help prevent the rust from returning.

Keep It Lubricated

When you use the deadbolt, it can be possible for substantial amounts of friction to be created. As a result, it is important to make sure that you are keeping the deadbolt lubricated. Over the course of time, the lubricant on the lock will start to degrade, which can allow this friction to damage the moving parts of the lock by causing them to warp or develop deep scratches.

In order to avoid this type of damage, you will want to apply a lock lubricant to it every couple of years. Typically, these lubricants can be applied by spraying a small amount of them into the keyhole and applying a thin coating over the deadbolt. Make sure to closely follow the directions of the lubricant you are using. When too much lubricant is added to the lock, it may degrade its performance by causing a buildup of a sticky residue. Contact a business, such as Ability Lock & Key, for more information.   

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