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Boosting Your Security By Rekeying Your Office Door

When moving into a new office, it is usually impossible to know how many sets of keys are out there. This presents a security problem. However, instead of worrying about who else may be capable of having access to your office, it is easier to simply rekey your door lock. Here are tips that can help you do so.

Buying a rekeying kit

Rekeying kits, which are available in most hardware stores, are kits that contain simple tools and materials that are necessary to rekey the average lock. They usually contain tools such as a wire, a retainer ring remover and a plug follower.

With most materials and materials coming with the rekeying keys, all you will need for your rekeying arsenal to be complete is your old keys and a pair of tweezers.

Removing the door knob

The first step is to unlock the door. The second is to pick the rekeying kit's wire tool and then drive it into the door's knob hole. Depressing the knob clip should loosen the doorknob - enough to make pulling it off easy.

The goal is to get to the doorknob's lock cylinder. All you will have to do to achieve this is to remove the knob sleeve.

Removing the lock cylinder's retainer ring

At the end of the lock cylinder housing, is a ring. This ring is called a retainer cylinder ring. It helps to keep the contents of the cylinder in place and thus removing it is a necessary step if you want to get to the guts of the lock cylinder.

A rekeying kit usually comes with a retainer ring remover. To separate the ring from the doorknob's cylinder, simply press the tool against the ring.

Removing the cylinder plug

The next step is to remove the cylinder plug. To do so, start by inserting your old apartment key into the cylinder, and then turn it.

In the kit, there is a tool called a plug follower. Take this tool and then push it through the cylinder. Doing so will allow you to remove the plug.

The only thing that you should keep in mind when removing the plug is that the cylinder's top is lined with a couple of springs and pins. These pins and springs can pop out. To prevent this, you have to ensure that constant pressure is applied between the follower and the plug.

Replacing the pins

With the plug freed from the cylinder housing, removing the old pins from the cylinder plug is the next step. And after you are done removing them, replace the old key with one of the new set of keys and then start inserting the new pins into the cylinder plug – this is where a pair of tweezers will come in handy. Most kits come with color-coded manuals. Inserting the new pins in the right places should therefore be easy. And after you are done, all that remains is putting everything back together for your to end up with an intruder-proof door. To learn more, contact a commercial lock repair company. 

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