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How To Stay Safe When You Evict A Roommate

If you own your home, you have the legal right to have a roommate move into your home. However, be aware that if things don't work out between the two of you then you will need to evict them through due process. If you decide to part ways with your roommate then you want to make sure that you protect yourself and your home in case your roommate doesn't take the news well. You should follow the tips below to end the rental relationship with your roommate in a safe and secure manner.

Send them legal notice

If you have decided the time has come to evict your roommate, you want to be sure you do it in a legal manner. You never know how someone is going to take this news and you should always prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Make sure you follow your states requirements for legally giving them 30 day notice.

If you expect there to be a possible problem then you should have someone else with you when you tell them they are receiving a 30 day notice. This way, you have another person there in case of a physical altercation and you also have a witness in case you need one in court.

Lock up your stuff

It's sad to say, but you want to make sure you lock up any belongings that you feel your roommate may try to take when they move out. You should also make sure you are present on moving day. Even if your roommate doesn't take something of yours on purpose, there may be those items that get taken by mistake.

Don't wait to lock up your valuable items and consider putting them up even before you give your roommate notice that they need to move out. While you may have a pretty good relationship with your roommate, this can all change once you ask them to move out of your home.

Change all of your locks

As soon as your roommate vacates your property, you want to be sure you change all the locks that lead to your house and property from the outside. Even if they give you the keys back, you can't be sure that they didn't have copies made. Along with changing all of the door locks, you also want to make sure you change alarm codes, garage door codes and the locks on any fences.  

By following the tips in this article you will know you are keeping your home and family safe from any possible revenge from an angry roommate. If your roommate and you part ways on great terms, you still want to be sure you change all the locks just in case anyone else had access to their keys. Talk to experts like Fox Chase Lock & Key for more information.

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