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Are Keyless Locks Right For Your Needs?

A home should be a place where you can relax and feel safe.  Locks on the doors are one way to make your family feel safe.  Almost everything today is going electronic, including locks.  Imagine being able to go for a run where you can lock the door and not bring a key.  Keyless locks are a great option for those who have a hard time remembering to bring keys or are constantly losing them.  Here are some considerations when deciding if keyless locks are right for your needs.

Finger print resistent

Since the same numbers are punched each time you want access to your house, you will want to make sure that the keypad is finger print resistant and that the numbers won't rub away with continued use.  This will ensure that burglars will not be able to gain access to your home.  It is also a good idea to pick a code that is not in sequence and to use numbers that have no significance.  For example, you would not want to make the code your birthday or anniversary.

Sharing Codes

If you plan to share the code with a housekeeper or other hired help that will need access to your house, you will want to make sure that you assign them separate codes, so that they can't give out your master code. Some systems can have up to 30 different codes assigned.  It's always a good idea to immediately change your code once it used by service personnel. This is a lot easier than giving a key to someone and being sure that they won't make copies of the key.


Most keyless locks are electronic.  This means that if there is a power failure, the system could go down.  It is a good idea to have battery backup in case a power outage should occur.  It is also smart to change the batteries yearly.

Remote Keyless Lock

Some systems allow you to have a remote that will unlock your door with the press of a button.  This can be very convenient when carrying in groceries or if you need to get in the house in a hurry.  However, if you have a hard time keeping track of your keys, then a remote would be equally challenging.

Cost to Fix

If you lose the keyless remote, it will likely not be cheap to replace.  If the system has a glitch, it too would be costly.  That is why it is a good idea to research the warranty associated with the keyless lock you choose.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of having a keyless lock before installing one. For more information about this and other lock options, like restricted keyway locks, contact a local locksmith company. 

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