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Never Get Locked Out Of Your Home Again With These Unusual Hide-A-Key Spots

Are you sick and tired of getting locked out of your home? Maybe this has never actually happened to you, but it is a fear that you have carried around with you for a little too long. The best thing to do at this point is to make sure that it is never a problem in the future. To achieve that goal, you are going to want to check out the following places you can hide a house key on your property.

Under The Dog Food Dish

Do you have a dog that has a dog food dish for when it visits the outside to play? Try taping a spare house key on the bottom of the dish. Use duct tape and completely cover the key. This way, it will not fall off too easily and will not be exposed to the harsh elements that could cause the key to rust.

Under A Small Decorative Statue

If you have a few decorative statues in your yard or flower bed, you can use one of them to hide a spare house key. Instead of taping the key to the bottom of the statue, since it could always be easily knocked over by accident and then discovered, you will want to bury it. Simply place the spare key in a prescription medication bottle and then bury it in the dirt just enough so that the soil covers the top of the lid. Then sit the statue on top of that section. You will be the only person that knows to dig a little in that spot for a house key.

Under The Edge Of The Patio Table

Grab a piece of duct tape just big enough to cover the house key with a little tape leftover to adhere to the table. Then, reach up under the lip of the patio table edge and tape the key in place. This is a great place since it is out of sight but fairly close to the door so you will have a hard time forgetting about its location.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of places to hide a spare key on your property. You could hide just one, but hiding several is a better idea. While you might need to let other members of the household know where a spare key is located, you might want to tell them about all of the spots. This way, if they end up using one and forget to put it back, there will still be another key when you need one the most.

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