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Locksmith Services: 4 Key Benefits Of Upgrading Your Residential Locks

As a homeowner, security is always a top priority. So, what actions can you take to protect your house and family from burglary, break-ins, and assault? Your locksmith may recommend installing advanced locks. But before investing, it is crucial to gather more information about the locks. This piece will highlight the advantages of upgrading your locks and why you need a locksmith. 

1. Hard-to-Duplicate Keys

Burglars often use key copies to access homes. Regular locks allow third parties to make duplicates of the key without your consent and use it to access the property. High-security locks have restricted keypath systems that prevent illegal key duplication. In most cases, advanced security locks cannot be duplicated easily, and you have to use the dealer to access the machine that can replicate the key. Even if you misplace the original and later find it, you are assured that whoever found it did not copy it. 

2. Access to Tracking Software 

Modern security locks have in-built remote key control. The unique feature allows users to track all serialized keys thanks to the tracking software connected to your lock. You could easily monitor all key holders and track the physical location of the keys. The software allows you to countercheck how many times each key accesses the door. Your locksmith will help you install the lock and program the tracking software so you can have full control over your main door. 

3. Difficult to Drill 

Some burglars opt to drill keyways to disengage the lock. In most cases, they are often successful with most regular locks. Once the keypath is drilled, there's no way to put it back but to replace the entire lock, which can be expensive. 

On the other hand, advanced security locks are designed with drill-resistant plates and tough steel bearings that prevent the tool from damaging the lock. It would take a heavy-duty drill, which prevents break-ins. Thankfully, burglars rarely have time for that and are likely to walk away. 

4. Excellent Bolt Tenacity

Bolts in modern security locks have incredible tenacity. The hardened material used to make the bolts can withstand the impact of a hammer, kick, or even a saw. The cylinder is too complex for a burglar to pick. Every lock has a unique pathway making it hard for burglars to bypass them. 

If you have experienced a break-in or want to prevent it, you could talk to your locksmith about installing security locks. You will protect your property from harm, enjoy peace of mind, and avoid liabilities.

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